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Fit Safety Ergonomics

Cad Modelling is leader in the design and production of anthropometric mannequins for clothing, security and ergonomics industries.

Formax® anthropometric mannequins guarantee the best standards of fit, comfort and safety, reducing time-to-market and the costs of the production process for children-men's and women's clothing.
More than 400 companies around the world base the wearability and safety of their products on the volumes of Formax® mannequins real anatomies, international standards of comfort and quality.

A history of technology, design and made in Italy

Cad Modelling is a typical example of a succesfull and talented small Italian enterprise.

Founded in 1968 with the purpose of teaching and studying pattern making and quality control for the “ready to wear” manufacturers.

From its great experience in the apparel industry combined with a accurate study of the human body they were able to create a whole range of mannequins representing international averages. A very unique idea, basically the exact evolution of the tailor torso or dress form.

They were all developed after many years of collecting data about population and the human body volume. This way, we were able to identify the most recurrent body shapes on the market in order to give and create the perfect tool for FIT SESSION and QUALITY CONTROL CHECK.


Cad Modelling assures innovation, best fit comfort and quality control throughout the world optimizing resources and production processes. The company mission is to support model-makers and ergonomic designers with high tech quality control and ergonomic tools. Cad Modelling is also able to provide in short time custom-made products that meet clients’ needs.

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Do you think that you can increase sales and performance of your business but do not know how ?
Are you looking for a more user friendly and accurate dummy for your Fit session and quality control check of your collection ?
Please, send us your samples, we will be happy to take pictures of the FIT SESSION on our FORMAX anthropometric dummies. This way you can see the difference yourself.