Technology Mannequin

Formax® mannequins are made in full-length, on real anthropometric averages and fully articulated to perform test movements. All Cad Modelling solutions are protected by international patents to guarantee their high technological content.

The best technical solutions for apparel and ergonomics’ devices testing

Thanks to its huge database Cad Modelling was able to create a whole range of anthropometric dummies, which were basically the evolution of the old tailor torso or dress form.
Knowing all clothing industries development phases, we were able to put on the market something more accurate and more focused on the final user needs. A very user friendly tool that takes you from the very first step of your collection development to the final quality control and fit checks.

The evolution of Formax® test dummies during the last years brought to the creation of Active Formax dummies for ergonomics testing used by Automotive and Puericulture tools manufacturers. Moreover, Formax® mannequins were customized for PPE fabrics and garments behaviour testing.

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