Formax® Soft Lingerie & Beachwear

Soft Lingerie & Beachwear Mannequin

Soft Formax®  is the ideal tool for prototyping and fitting test of : LINGERIE-BEACHWEAR-CORSETS-LEGGINGS-STOCKINGS-HAUTE COUTURE DRESSES, but also of standard apparel, since you will have the chance to see if a seam is too thigh, JUST LIKE ON A REAL MODEL!

As you could see, the total body is covered with a special soft silicon mixture which behaves like real flesh and allows to pin the entire dress form. The soft material is thicker on the behind; the breasts are soft like reality and they are removable and interchangeable. Available in different body shape and under busts with 5 different silicon cup sizes.


Soft Formax® the ultimate apparel fit mannequin for underwear and swimwear development

  • Real international body shapes
  • Capability of pinning the whole body
  • Soft like a real body. Real flesh sensation
  • Constant check of prototype collection
  • Interchangeable cup sizes

Avalable in different version, 2 body shapes with 5 interchangable cup sizes

SOFT FORMAX® – Silicon bust available with 5 different silicon changeable cup sizes

Completely covered with a special silicon skin with capability of pinning the whole body form.
Woman Body shape  7 (underbust cm.75)

BUST FORMAX® – A fiberglass body with 5 different changeable silicon cup sizes

Available in Woman Body shapes 7 and 5 (underbust  75/80 cm)

DESKTOP FORMAX® – A fiberglass table top version with 5 different changeable silicon cup sizes

Available in woman body shapes  7 and 5  (underbust 75/80 cm)