Formax® Woman & Maternity

Formax® WOMAN & MATERNITY Mannequins

Formax® Woman & Maternity

Formax® woman Apparel fit mannequins are based on real studies and international scans. Formax® dummy represent the proper fit verification tools ensuring accurate fitting and quality control tests. Formax® WOMAN mannequins is available in 10 body shapes, from Slim to Extra Extra Corpulent.

Formax® WOMAN mannequins body forms are available with and without joints in the hips (especially suitable to test slim wear or lingerie). To better meet customers’ needs, any Formax® dummy can be customized and is available with or without anatomical head

WOMAN dummy is equipped with moveable trolley and two exchangeable working rods (for free-standing way from above and pending way from below).

Also available maternity mannequins body shapes and Soft Formax®  dummies for intimate and beachwear manufacturers.

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Lycra suit can be provided in order to be able to pin on the dummy.