Safety Formax®

 Safety Formax®

Special apparel fit mannequins created for wind tunnel and rain tower tests suitable for PPE garments testing. Available with placement for hardware and different sensors depending on the tests to perform.

The entire SAFETY Formax® category is available in MAN WOMAN and CHILDREN.

Safety formax has been integrated in various different testing environment such as : Rain tower Wind tunnel and flame test environment. We have also cooperated with different HI-tech companies providing sensors and hardware in order to obtain all information data gathered during the different tests. We have developed a special system of waterproof anti- rust and corrosion joints in order to accommodate many different hardware.

We offer special solutions for all testing facility dept. in order to obtain that perfect testing tool that is not on the market yet.

Flam test safety Formax mannequin

Formax® Flame Test Mannequin is made material and respecting the norms UNI EN ISO 14360, UNI EN and ENI EN ISO 11612. Formax® Flame Test Mannequin features a fully articulated non degrading body form with the possibility of integrating wires, sensors and power unit. Allowing the technicians to characterize the performance of PPE garments and work wear in a simulated flash fire environment having controlled heat flux, flame distribution and duration. While complying with all the above mentioned norms the flame test dummy allows the creation of clothing ensuring the  highest standards of fit, comfort and quality control. Please contact us for further information.

Active and SuperActive Formax mannequins are also suitable for testing and trials in extreme context such as, wind tunnel and rain gallery. Thanks to an enhance articulated body this mannequin can perform and simulate different posture. Suitable for all kind of vehicles. Dummy can be integrated with sensors and different instruments. Please contact us for further information.