We produce, create and customize real anthropometric
FIT mannequins based on real international averages.

Cad Modelling looks after all production phase of their Formax mannequins for apparel fit, safety and ergonomics tests : from prototype to the final sale.


Apparel fit mannequin for quality control, pattern making and fit check

Formax apparel fit dummy is the only one in the market fully articulated. Created and developed based on real international studies representing standard body averages for the apparel industry.

Formax apparel fit mannequins are the perfect tool for collection development, from the first prototype until the final quality control and fit check.


Special dummies created for laboratory testing of all kinds

From its collaboration with laboratories’ research and development dept. cad modeling SRL was able to customize and create a whole range of mannequins. Each dummy was created according the norms and tests requirement in order to give all feedback needed. It is also possible to provide placement for any kind of sensors to be applied on the actual body. On customer request we can place and mount the hardware on the actual mannequin.


A whole range of mannequins especially developed for ergonomic test called “Active Formax”

We are the only company in the whole world that produces a variety of children mannequins dedicated to the puericulture tools manufacturers. Cad Modelling srl is producing a series of dummies in different height with enhance movements in order to test and perform different scenarios while developing strollers, car seats etc. following the latest EN-ISO norms and their chart. All Active Formax ® mannequins can be customized as for customers’ needs. They all have articulated body, moveable head and can have the real distributed weight.


Do you think that you can increase sales and performance of your business but do not know how ? Are you looking for a more user friendly and accurate dummy for your Fit session and quality control check of your collection ?
Please, send us your samples, we will be happy to take pictures of the FIT SESSION on our FORMAX anthropometric dummies. This way you can see the difference yourself.
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Formax anthropometric fit mannequins are the perfect tool for design, testing and production development. A very useful tool in order to achieve the best performance criteria. If these are your needs FORMAX fit mannequin is the solution.


  • Collection development
  • Pattern making and sizing development
  • Fit standardization
  • Fit and quality control check
  • Safety and laboratory test for fabrics and PPE garments
  • Design product development and Ergonomic test of pueroiculture tool such as : car seats, cockpits, strollers, prams etc
  • Extreme laboratory test such as : wind gallery and rain tower